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Imaguru is with the startup community
Imaguru, a community of innovative entrepreneurs, investors and experts originally from Belarus. Imaguru has become one of a few partners of Google for startups in Europe, intending to develop a European startup community. Imaguru helps startups with access to knowledge, finance and expertise, as well as the community of experienced mentors.
Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to change the world. We believe when people have access to right tools and resources, they'll be able to generate extraordinary things. For this reason, we work tirelessly to support our international community of entrepreneurs, developers, and tech leaders. Our mission compels us to provide an exceptional platform of knowledge sharing. A place where innovation, self-determination, and commitment to exchange global ideas are valued and encouraged.
Imaguru Mission
Imaguru Minsk was launched in November 2013 in Minsk. Imaguru has become one of the most popular places in Belarus, where business professionals, startups and investors meet. For more than 7.5 years, Imaguru in Minsk has helped create more than 300+ startups, developed a community of business angels and taught a huge number of companies, leaders and entrepreneurs in innovation. In 2021 during the political crisis, Imaguru in Minsk was shut down by the regime in Belarus (https://help.imaguru.by). After that, Imaguru continued to develop an online community, as well as open new hubs in European capitals. Such hubs are already operating in Madrid and Vilnius; in the future, Imaguru will start operations in other European cities. Imaguru is a partner of Google for Startups.
Imaguru Story
IMAGURU helped developed 300+ startup-companies. Among them there are Splitmetrics, MSQRD, PingFin, DEIP, TrackDuck, and many other talented startup companies from Belarus. Imaguru startups raised $ 100M + investment. Imaguru continues to support startups originally from Belarus by developing an online community. Imaguru is the gateway to many venture capital funds and investors, accelerating and investing in startups today with TechMinsk.
Our Community
Imaguru and our residents are growing rapidly. This is an important quality of a startup companies to grow rapidly and show progress. The Imaguru atmosphere is created for efficient fast work, Imaguru trainings are intensive, and Imaguru investments provide with opportunities for company growth. In order to bring even more value to startup companies, Imaguru offers a residence program where you can get mentoring, tools, coworking and networking in one place.
Our Values
Grow Rapidly
Giving Back Culture is the specific culture of the startup community all over the world. For us Belarusians, it means even more. Situation after August 2020 unites us around the idea of building a new Belarus wherever we are located today. That is why today Imaguru is implementing a Solidarity Hub program.
The word "guru" is a term for "teacher" or "master". A guru is a respected individual who possess a vast wealth of knowledge. Gurus inspire others, acquire followers, and often wear several hats. Master. Mentor. Advisor. Rest assured, our mentors are trained gurus who will master your coding and entrepreneurship skills. They will inspire you to believe that nothing is impossible.
Giving Back Culture
Be professionals
Join us if you share our values.
Follow Your Dream
Imaguru like many companies, residents and startups came from a dream. The dream guides us and drives our progress. Entrepreneurs dream all over the world drives a scientific and technological progress, industries development, the comfort of living and a healthy lifestyle. The era of companies or businesses with a positive impact on human life is developing more rapidly. Imaguru is pursuing a dream of creating a community of free-minded and talented entrepreneurs around the world.
Success Stories
MSQRD was founded at a hackaton at IMAGURU
The success story of MSQRD brought glory to the country from the world start-up community, attracted the attention of key experts and leaders of the world startup movement. Today MSQRD is №1 app in more than 10 countries around the world, and it is used by over 35 million people. A Team of successful entrepreneurs was formed in late November at Imaguru where a promising project MSQRD won Garage48 Hackathon.
PandaDoc Team among best TechMinsk Alumni
PandaDoc is a legendary startup founded by Belarusians Mikita Mikado and Sergei Borisyuk. Service for managing digital docs and signatures PandaDoc has attracted more than 6 million dollars of investment in Silicon Valley. Both cofounders are among most favourite speakers at events in Imaguru, and mentors for Imaguru residents. PandaDoc team members graduated from TechMinsk Accelerator.
IMAGURU is an epic start point for TrackDuck
TruckDuck is SaaS that allows users to visually comments on "real" websites and images. IMAGURU was a great start for a team of Eddy Balcikonis, Evgeny Ivashkevich and Anton Shevchenko, who met at a hackathon in 2013. Today TruckDuck is a successful Belarusian-Lithuanian startup. The President of Lithuania Ms. Dalia Grybauskaite has mentioned TruckDuck among the best startups in Europe at the opening of the International Conference Login.
Infogr.am among Belbiz Battle winners
International startup competition Belbiz Battle is organized every year during Global Entrepreneurship Week. Startups from over 15 countries have ever participated in it, and there were such leaders of the global startup movement as Marvin Liao (500 Startups), Hrish Lotlikar (Startup Labs), Tak Lo (TechStars), Rick Rasmussen (Concordia Ventures), Burton Lee (Stanford University) among the jury members. Legendary startup from Latvia Infogr.am was among Belbiz Battle runner-ups in 2013.
Our team
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HR Manager 
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Marketing Manager 
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Head of Sales 
Auste Silkaityte
Community&Event Manager
Ieva Duobaite
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Natalya Shulgina
Acceleration and EDU programmes Manager
Pavel Yarosh
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