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Design Thinking
Highly successful companies, such as Apple, Virgin, Toyota, and others, innovate continuously because of their culture of design-thinking. 10-hour Corporative Masterclass at Imaguru.
What is about?
Design Thinking is an approach that can be applied by anyone who is interested in improving or inventing a given product, service, process, experience, or strategy. We believe that innovation and problem solving is a skill that can be learned and that is of importance in all aspects of business.
Design-Thinking Components
Produce more ideas
Discover the business challenges which will most likely generate fruitful ideas
Identify important insights into the needs and wishes of others by using human-centered and customer oriented tools like journey mapping
Understand the role of people in successful design thinking
Use tools like visualisation, mapping, and storytelling to create solutions
Develop an action plan for research and gather feedback for your unique challenges
Implement design thinking processes and tools to drive innovation
For whom?
• Executives and senior business leaders

• Decision makers in R&D of products, services, systems, and experiences

• Engineers

• Marketing professionals

• Startup founders

• Managers who want to explore the principles of design thinking and how a human-centered approach to innovation
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