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Imaguru Events in June
In June Imaguru organises meetups, networking evenings, events to learn entrepreneurship, pitch events. Everybody can find a perfect fit.
Vytenio, 18, 5th floor
June, 2022
We invite everybody to join the Imaguru community for various open and free events in June.
We believe everybody can find a perfect fit.

We invite tech professionals and startup founders to join our monthly Deep Tech Meetup on
June 30th, 2022. We invite startups whose business model is based on high-tech innovation in
engineering, research, science. health technologies, etc. to share their success cases and
expertise. 2-3 presentations are followed by a cosy networking with professionals.

Let's imagine that you come up with a new business idea on Monday and on Friday you already
pitch it at Imaguru Friday Pitch! Present your idea and get feedback from the community at
large. This is all about the atmosphere of the monthly Imaguru Friday Pitch networking event.
Join Friday Pitch on June 17th and pitch your startup to the investors and the community.

Imagine how much founders could get from or give to founders. Sharing knowledge and skills
with those going through the same path overcoming challenges and learning from each other’s
experience is priceless. We invite you to join Imaguru Founders Club and enjoy
Founders2Founders meetup on June 21st.

Imaguru provides many opportunities for networking today during the Networking Evening on
June 9th.

Please check out all Imaguru events and join the community of free thinking entrepreneurs and founders in Vilnius and online.
Vilnius, Vytenio, 18
5th floor

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