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Imaguru Events in October
We invite everybody to join the Imaguru community for various open and free events in October.
We believe everybody can find a perfect fit.

Any Startup Community has no border. Let's prove it!
Vytenio, 18, 5th floor
October, 2022
On October 6, we invite startup founders, tech professionals, and angels from Lithuania and Belarus for a monthly networking event with craft beer at Imaguru Startup HUB in Vilnius.

Imaguru Startup Networking Event is all about networking, opportunities, storytelling, and useful hacks for growth.

Please arrive by 18:30. The event is free of charge. Please, register here.

On October 11 we invite startup companies to pass through a series of workshops. Join our comprehensive training program to support your growing startup from international speakers. The program equips leaders with the tools and skills to advance and scale their startups by combining business goals with metrics to run data-driven companies.

Those trainings are free, but one should get a confirmation for participation. Please, register here.

Let's imagine that someone comes up with a new business idea on Monday and on Friday already pitches it at Friday Pitch to collect feedback from the community at large.

This is about the atmosphere of the monthly Friday Pitch Imaguru networking event, which brings together the startup community, founders and entrepreneurs, tech talent, angels, and experts to discuss startups at an early stage and look through opportunities to grow and expand the network. The event will take place on October 20.

If you would like to pitch, please apply here.
If you would like to participate and give feedback, please apply here.

On October 25 we meet within the Imaguru Startup Hub Vilnius walls and online and discuss new cooperation cases between corporations and startups, introducing innovations at different stages. The event format involves the interaction of young, ambitious, and progressive startups with companies that have been on the market for a long time, with refined business processes and the ability to cope in situations of risk. Everyone can learn from each other's experience, get valuable advice and make contacts.

Please arrive by 18:30. The event is free of charge. Please, register here.

Please check out all Imaguru events and join the community of free-thinking entrepreneurs and founders in Vilnius and online.
Vilnius, Vytenio, 18
5th floor

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